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revised reading schedule (1) - European Influence on Africa...

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Dr. Yaran MW 4:30-5:45 HST 101 MAK B 1-120 Fall 2010 Week 8 M Oct 18 The Post-classical Age: East Asia and India Read : , Chapter 12, *The Tale of Genji and Lessons for Women W Oct 20 *No class. Participation in a blackboard assignment will be required in lieu of today’s class. Read: , Chapter 13 Week 9 M Oct 25 Cross-Cultural Interactions and Eurasian Integration Read: , Chapter 15, * Travels in Africa (1364 C.E.) and Ethiopia Oriental W Oct 27 Focus on Africa and the Americas Read : , Chapter 17, * Speech at the Council of Clermont, 1095 (Five Versions) , *Letter from John of Montecorvino #1 Deadline for withdrawing from a class—October 29 th Week 10 M Nov 1 The Emergence of Europe Read: , Chapter 20, * Fishing for Souls (1614) W Nov 3 continued. Read: * Were the Witch-Hunts in Premodern Europe Misogynistic? * Columbus’ Letter to the King and Queen of Spain , * The Crime of Galileo Week 11 M Nov 8 European Influence on the Americas Read: , Chapter 21, * A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies W Nov 10
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Unformatted text preview: European Influence on Africa Read: T&E, Chapters 22, *King of the Kongo, * Olauduh Equiano Week 12 M Nov 15 Exam 2 W Nov 17 Age of Revolutions: Political and Industrial Read: T&E , Chapters 26 & 27, *The Steam Loom, *Industrial Manchester, *Chinese Exclusion Act Week 13: M Nov 22 Conclude Revolutions. Begin Imperialism. Read: T&E , Chapter 28, * Besieged in Peking, * Annexation of Hawaii , *Roosevelt’s Corollary W Nov 24 THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY NO CLASS Week 14 M Nov 29 The Great War and Nationalism Read: T&E , Chapter 29, * The White Man’s Burden , * The Black Man’s Burden W Dec 1 World War II Read: T&E, Chapters 32 , * Truman Doctrine, *Cairo Conference Week 15 M Dec 6 Journals Due. The Cold War and a New World Order Read: T&E, Chapter 33 1 Dr. Yaran MW 4:30-5:45 HST 101 MAK B 1-120 Fall 2010 W Dec 8 Globalizing World and Conclusions The final examination will be given on Wednesday, December 15 th from 4:00-5:50 pm. 2...
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revised reading schedule (1) - European Influence on Africa...

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