Islam notes - Doesn’t let people choose They can...

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Quiz o 2 multiple choice questions o Two identification Rise of Islam notes Medina o Birthplace of Islam o Mohammad integrated Became a spiritual and political leader Umma o The group of people that followed Mohammad’s teaching o Basis of global Islamic community Byzantium o Caesaropapism When the emperor is the elite and controls everything, political and religious Multiple roles They had divine authority Absolute authority Final word on everything o There is nothing strange about the ancient world because in many pass societies the leader was greatly involved in religion Pharaohs in Egypt (divinity) Mandate of Heaven (divine authority) Intertwining political and religious power o Pros Emperor is in control of all power Cut down in corruption Could cut down conflict between political and religious law The leader has to live by the same rules and morals as the citizens that are set by the religion o Cons Gave the emperor more control There is a risk of corruption that would funnel into the religion
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Unformatted text preview: Doesn’t let people choose They can interferer with each other People that aren’t the same religion There will always be the opposition which could lead to an uprising o The determining factor of if this would work today or not is just the place that it is taking place, in most parts it would not because of how diverse the world is, society is more about progression and acceptance, • Islam o Before reading Terrorist Very strict religion, traditional, structure, patriarchal Way too strict Koran = Bible (holy text) monotheistic o After reading Very similar to Christianity They can divorce Women are equal to men • Only changed when they started encountering other cultures Believe in same almighty god Recognize a lot of Christian Very peaceful The 5 pillars in the Koran of Islam is very similar to the 10 commandments in the bible...
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Islam notes - Doesn’t let people choose They can...

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