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week 1 - Chris Elliott HST 104 Week 1 Journal In my opinion...

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Chris Elliott HST 104 Week 1 Journal In my opinion The code of Hammurabi is the most important invention to ever be invented in the history of the earth. I think that a lot of people over look how important the invention of that is. Something so early has effected everything that has happened ever since it. Its not the actual code that is so important it is just the concept of it that ha helped humans advance so much in history. Before this there was no law so the was basically no order in the world. There was no rules to follow so threw could not be any order in society so you could not have any community because it was just be straight chaos. Every society after that has had a code of law and would not be able to exist without it. This was the first thing that was invented that has stood the test of time to remain in play till now. Throughout the reading and dicussions a lot of people have criticized how harsh the laws were in this code but they have failed to noticed a major factor that this code had to deal with that no one after if had to, this was the first one ever.
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