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week 6 - Chris Elliott HST 101 Week 6 Journal The Roman...

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Chris Elliott HST 101 Week 6 Journal The Roman Empire was built up to be very strong but before its fall it a couple critical efforts the ended up being fatal. The first problem the roman made was the splitting of their empire. They split into the eastern and western empires. This arose many problems for them. They split because of religion, which is a great starter of chaos. They both blame each other for initiating the division, which sets up this fight to be never ending. The split of an empire can lead to its fall by much way, first it divides the forces. This is leaving the empire very vulnerable to attack from other people because they can only defend their selves with half the power that they could have before they split. This weakened army allows the barbarians to come in and have more power because the roman army had less power to control them. Second the concentration on the empire is less focus when they do not know what the empire is. The two sides of Rome have to
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