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Chris Elliott HST 101 Week 5 Journal 1. Discuss the Greek Olympic games. What can these games tell us about the nature  of the Greeks? The Greek Olympic games were a competition that the great athletes in the Greek civilization competed in many different competitions. It started off with just one day but of athletics and wrestling but then became a 5-day event with many competitions and now it is the worldwide spectacle that we all know today. In the Greek Olympics women were not aloud to compete which tells something about the society. This shows how much of a role the men played in the society and how they viewed women. This tells us that they looked down upon women as inferior in athletes and other parts of life. I think that these Olympics had two major concepts that showed a lot about the Greeks, the first being religion. This competition was made in honor of the gods. This alone tells so much about the Greeks, it shows how committed they were to their religion. They set up a
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