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week 4 - Chris Elliott HST 101 Week 4 The warring states...

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Chris Elliott HST 101 Week 4 The warring states period was a very tough period for china and there were many reactions and problems that this brought up. This was a time of chaos that had no order at all. In time of depression people look for an answer and will accept anything that seems close to it. This can be a good thing or a bad thing but most of all, it is a time for change. Periods like this open the door to new leaders, philosophies and religions. In this period we saw the rise of 3 new philosophies, these being Legalism, Daoism and Confucionism. People believed that these would be the answer to their state of chaos. Legalism was an extreme view on how to change the warring states period by taking over everything. Legalism focused mainly on control and order of the state. In my opinion they did not do this very successful because ehtey forced to much on the people of china. They have to give some freedoms to the people which they did not. They did not have a balanced system that controlled the people but also kept them happy. Legalism
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