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Exam 1 Study Sheet column - Yaran HST 101 FS 2010 Exam 1...

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Yaran HST 101 FS 2010 Exam 1 Study Sheet: Identifications (Define and provide significance) what when where how? Agricultural Revolution -12-6000 years ago, lead to popular explosion, lead to specialization of labor, changed people from hunters and gatherers Neolithic- the new stone age, about 12-6000 years ago, sought to insure themselves with more food supply, lead to specialization of labor. People stayed in one society instead of being nomads Paleolithic- homosapiens came into play, no gender distinctions Mesopotamia- land between the rivers, used a very strict law (first standardize law) , had class and gender distinctions, very rigid social classes, used code of Hammurabi, had patriarchal society, had city states, sumer was the first city, needed armies to protect the city, had political, cultural and eonomic centers, created the first calender, math and astronomy was very important Assyrian Empire- ruled after the collapse of the babylonians, from northern mesopatamia, not very popular with people, spread out which made their people hard to control, army enforced very strict laws, emphasized that people were different, followed hammurabis code, very hard to contain so after they fell the new babylonian empire formed Patriarchy- social society where fathers hold authority over women and children, practiced in social legal and political organizations in many cultures , shows who hold the power cuneiform – first form of writing made by summarians, used for keeping records, adopted by many other cultures, used to communicate complex ideas, wrote on wet clay, continued for 3000 years Hammurabi’s Code of Laws- first written code of law, very strict , used by mesopatamians and assyrians, brought empire together, Hominids- gorillas and humans fall in this categories, links these two Epic of Gilgamesh- completed after 2000 b.c.e. in mesopatampia, start of ethics teaching people how to live, start of morals and ethics, last known literature from
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Exam 1 Study Sheet column - Yaran HST 101 FS 2010 Exam 1...

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