confucious, daoism, legalism

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All answers for the chaos of the period of waring states Confucianism o Ren-attitude of kindness and love toward humanity o Li- sense of propriety o Zhou- respect for elders and people that are above you o Important humans as a whole o Proper order of human relationships o Junzi- superior individuals, leaders should be making decisions for the community and not for themselves of selfish reasons o Flexible, more open then other ones o Being involved in the community o People with power required a certain aspect of humanity o Family forms building block for society o Fraternalism Daoism o About harmony o More concerned about inner being o Go with the flow
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Unformatted text preview: o Lived by the natural principles of the world o Do nothing but accomplish everything o Peace o Dont get involved in worldly affairs o hippies Legalism o Focus on expanding and strengthening state (agriculture and military) o All about the state o Used horse in military so had to get a lot of agriculture for the horses o All family members are responsible for each other o Worried a lot about power land and money o Did not concern themselves with ethics, morality, or propriety o Very strict with laws o Opposite of Daoism o Most effective but not most popular o Put an end to the waring period...
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