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Week 3 Throughout the reading and studying that we’ve been doing, there has been a big advance in the societies that we have studied. I have noticed that in each civilization there was parts of it that still exist today and you can see that those characteristics have been used by the next big civilization in the timeline. There has been about one very good idea that each society has had that has continued on to the next people. The first civilization that we studied was the Mesopotamians who even though had one of the toughest civilizations to live in they invented, what I think, is the most important step towards a perfect society. They invented the Code of Hammurabi. It is not the actual code that is so important it is just the concept of making a code that everyone lives by. Ever since then in ever single civilization that has existed has had some kind of law or book of conduct that the people have to live by. Before this was invented people could do what ever they wanted and if anyone tried to make rules they
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