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Week 2 - Nile vs God When reading about the Egyptian...

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Nile vs. God When reading about the Egyptian religion I can see a lot of similarities between them and the Christian religion. This is one of the first religions that people know of and I can see a lot of reasons they made it. Before they had this people would have nothing to lose when they die so I would imagine that they would not put much effort into the end of their life. Also they would not have any consequences when they did something bad and they didn’t get caught. I could imagine that there was just a lot of bad things going on because no one would ever find out. One day someone had the idea to have everyone accountable for everything that they do, like in Christianity. This is where morals started to be made inside people and where the human race started to advance faster then ever before. This ideas and morals have stayed around till even today, its amazing to thing that we pretty much live by the same morals and ethics that they did back then. I can see a big relationship between the Nile and God in the Christian religion.
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