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Class Notes - September 13, 2010 Issue o Disagreement on the influences in Mesoamerica, weather there is African influences or not Pro o Ivan Van Sertima He uses point of why there is influences and common things that Mesoamerica and Africa have He uses more geographical arguments such as ocean currents Attacks other side very hard Uses basic observation using the statues a lot and comparing the features of the Believe that Egyptians were black Africans Says that the statues have any African features looking at the nose, the hair and other physical features Architecture pyramids came from Africa (Egypt) Mummification came from Africa (Egypt) o Con Gabriel Haslip Viera and Bernard Ortiz de Montellano and Warren Barbour
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Unformatted text preview: Base of claims all came from the thought that “ there was no African proof in the new world” Did not have original points, just shut down the Pros points Took a more personal stand point and pride played a big role in his arguments because they want to have an original culture Trying to argue that time did not allow the African influences because of the time the statues are made o 3 ideas disagreement Statues • Physical features • Stone color Time Mummification Emails Kevin Parkins- [email protected] Kaitlyn Baweja- [email protected] Kirk Barber – [email protected] Austin Langlois- [email protected] Hannah Gasvoda- [email protected]
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