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Olmec notes - Lower class was recruited to make these big...

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Civilization is a broad term o Have cities, administrative center o Making of things that are no food, metal, woods, leather o Money shows your status o Commercial, gov or any kind of record keeping o Also known as complex society Society can be civilization, simply societies, complex societies Mesoamerica Olmec - The most influencial people to live in mesoamerica o Live on the gulf of mexico o La Venta did not become big until San Lorenzo fell o At were abandoned o Because there was damage, they think that there was some internal fight or something o Lacked dense housing areas o The cities were for religious or big activities and people would come to the cities for these events o Houses were on the elevated land, these are where elites lived because they are higher then everyone else
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Unformatted text preview: Lower class was recruited to make these big places of land for house o Religious belifes were very important People could spend money on scuplers showing that they were a wealthy civilization o Olmec Head We thinkt hat they were leaders or high ranked people Only found in city centers o Rulers were affiliated with gods o Olmec were polytheistic Males and females, and were human and animal characteristics Elite was thought to be a Jaguar, croc, sharks, snakes o Shamans were there for ideas and to help make decisions, they were the intelligent people, made calenders for farming and followed the stars a lot, developed a form of writing o Olmec developed a ball game, the Mayans adopted it o o...
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