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Unformatted text preview: Assignment 1: Literacy Memoir Is it too self-indulgent to write about my life as if it existed, as if I have mattered? I imagine that I look into a dark pool of water, a stopping place, and see my face obscured, wavering swatches of moldy ruddy skin, a fleshy patch of cheek, almost invisible lines that are my lips. This mask seems not to make a face, not to be me. Where do I begin? – Jan Schmidt, “The Story of a Woman Writing/Teaching: ‘The Shining Elusive Spirit’” Purpose/Objectives : 1) Write a story about one of your past experiences with literacy. Your story should be a critical narrative and not a traditional essay. By “critical narrative” I mean that you should 2) critique your narrated experiences using the new knowledge and information about “literacy” that you will be gaining from our readings and class discussions. In other words, I am asking that you use our readings and class discussions as a “critical lens” to see your experiences differently; that is, to read, understand, and critique your experiences in order to...
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