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Assignment 2: Rhetorical Analysis: Artifact For your first project, you wrote about an literacy experience, reconsidered this experience in a new light, and thought about alternative literacy practices. THE PROJECT: Choose an everyday object that you have access to daily, and write an essay that analyzes the object rhetorically in order to reveal, discuss, question, and critique what it suggests about cultural values and practices. How is your object “packaged,” and why is it “packaged” in that way. 1) To do this, you will want to apply RAIDS and SWAP models of analysis to your object. Like our rhetorical analysis of the chair, I want you to look deeply into your chosen object—well beyond the surface level of interpretation and analysis. 2) You will want to describe this object in great detail. Each aspect of your description, however, should be analyzed rhetorically. In other words, I am asking you to consider how the concrete physical aspects of the object are rhetorical, and to draw conclusions
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