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In 1 single-spaced page, propose your project using the RAIDS and SWAP models to guide you. For example: Subject: What are the subjects of your remix? (Here, you don't want to list your previous project. Instead, list what the subject of your remix will be). Delivery: What mode will you transform your project into? Purpose: For what purpose are you remixing your project? What purpose will your remix serve? What argument will it make? Audience: Who is the audience for your remix?
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Unformatted text preview: Revision What does your project revise? Yes, it revises your earlier project, but what is it arguing and what is it trying to revise in the mind of your audience? Arrangement How will you arrange the piecs of your project? Wha order will you put things in? Why? How will you arrange clips, images, music. ..etc.? Style: What style will you use for your project, and why? Invention: What does your project invent?...
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