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Remix Assignment The Project : Your assignment is to transform or “remix” one of your earlier essays into an alternative form: a digital video. While you will *start* with the same focus and purpose of your original essay, the assignment asks you to transform the message to respond to a new rhetorical situation, delivery system, and mode. Though most choose to create a video, in the past students have been successful branching out into other alternative modes: web page, a painting, a song. Reflection: Your final project should be accompanied by a reflection that explains: Your process of creating your project (invention, arrangement, style, delivery, and revision) How SWAP affects your RAIDS process; that is, how subject, writer, audience, and purpose affects your invention, arrangement, style, delivery, and revision processes. Your reasons for selecting the project and alternative form(s) you chose for the remix How your original purpose and focus changed as a result of its “translation”
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Assignment_4_Remix_Assignment-2 - Remix Assignment The...

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