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FOR_202_Spring_2012__syllabus_quiz - ANGEL The Forestry...

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FOR 202 Spring 2012 Name: Assignment #1 Syllabus Quiz Due: Thursday, January 12 before 5pm via email to Conor Shanahan at [email protected] 1. What is the name of the course textbook?___________________________ 2. True or False The exams in FOR 202 are cumulative. 3. How much of your grade in FOR 202 is based on in class activities and homework? ____ 15% ____ 45% ____ 40% ____ 25% 4. True or False You are welcome to use a laptop computer in class so that you can check the weather and play games. 5. How many classes will be held in Baker Woodlot? ____ 0 ____ 2 ____5 ____ None of the above 6. Class assignments, note taking outlines and readings can be found on/in:
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Unformatted text preview: _____ ANGEL _____ The Forestry Department web page _____ The State News _____ The instructor’s office door 7. What is the due date for your FOR 202 paper?________ 8. True of False There are 4 exams in FOR 202. 9. What two things are acceptable in order to be excused from class or to submit a late assignment? Be specific. _____________________ OR _____________________ 10. You may bring and use which of the following to each exam? _____ Your laptop computer _____ A 4x6 file card with notes _____ Your course notebook _____ A friend who took FOR 202 before _____ None of the above...
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