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Assignment 13 FOR 202 Due: Thursday, March 15 by 10:20 am Send via email or bring to Baker Woodlot with you Hopefully, you have at least considered a topic for your paper (the paper instructions are pasted below). The paper has four parts. Part 1 is a description of the issue. By Thursday, March 15 by 10:20 am, please submit a paragraph describing the issue you will be writing about. Why is it an issue? How did it become an issue? Your paragraph must be at least ½ page long, double-spaced using no larger than 12 point font. It must be typed. (Copied from FOR 202 syllabus) PAPER Due 4/12/12 Issues associated with management of forest resources are prominent in the public debate. The objectives of this assignment are for students to become familiar with a forest-related issue and to examine conflicting viewpoints about the issue. A list of possible issues will be provided (Note: Posted on ANGEL). Students may
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Unformatted text preview: choose to write about an issue not in the list but must get prior approval from Dr. McDonough. Your paper must have the following parts: 1. A description of the issue. Why is this an issue? How did it become an issue? 1. A discussion of both sides of the issue using evidence . 2. A discussion of what the future holds for resolution of the issue. 3. A reference list containing a minimum of three references used to gather information on the issue. Any internet citations must be from reliable sources (that does not include Wikipedia). Papers must be at least 5 pages in length. Points will be deducted for misspelled words including typographical errors and for poor grammar. Be sure you proofread your paper. DO NOT copy any parts of your paper verbatim from your sources. That is plagiarism and will result in zero points for the paper and a letter to the chairperson of your department....
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