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Assignment 14: Insects and diseases Due: Insects: In class Thursday, April 5 Diseases: In class, Tuesday, April 10 Each of you areassigned to a forest insect pest or a forest disease. See the list below. For YOUR insect or disease, be prepared to teach your classmates about: a. what it is b. what it does c. how to control it. BE CREATIVE! Use pictures, get on line in class, bring samples, dress up, etc. PLEASE communicate before class with the other people assigned to the same insect or disease to sort how the information will be presented. . Forest insect “pests” Gypsy moth Susan Abbott, Joe Ahern, Whitney Couzens Cooley spruce gall adelgid Quaid Anderson, Carl Chalou, Ana Kimak-Rice Balsalm wooly adelgid Brody Coval, Parker Booth, Philip Garcia Hemlock wooly adelgid Abby Davis, Kenny Dean, Michael Daniewski Pine bark adelgid Jonathon Andrews, Thomas Doepker Asian long horned beetle Nicholas Demorest, Nathan Wasylewski, Trent Gregg Emerald ash borers Thomas Drew, Ashley Eddy, David Rogers
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Unformatted text preview: Acorn weevil Nick Fonseca, Brittany Francis, Brad Rutzel Elm bark beetle Joseph Gools, Cynthia Gorton, Peter Schlott Mountain pine bark beetle Tyler Goss, Erica Graber, Zach Slade Powder post beetles Kirsten Grooms, Beth Haniak, Danielle Snyder Eastern tent caterpillar Ann Hartunian, Joseph Shears, Kara Stephens Jack pine budworm Evan Henri, Joshua Hensley, Joel Stewart Forest tent caterpillar Spence Hoffman, Chris Huggett, Kelly Turner Forest diseases Heart rots Wes, Jehnzen, Alex Julein White pine blister rust Hunter Kelly, Amanda Kramer Dutch elm disease Kelly Kramer, Zak Kranich, Corey Wickham Oak wilt Yi Liu, Emily Loerch, Ryan Zoschnick Sudden oak death William Lucas, Sean Maher Tar spot Ben Manns, Devin McMaster Dwarf mistletoe Sara Mokoski, Jack Mott Beech bark disease Jessica Mueller, Doug Necastro Pine needle rust Scott Nelson, David Penterics Sooty mold Tanita Plaengprawat, Corey Reed, Haochen, Zhang...
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