1/9/08 - o Turnbull suggested disbanding them so they would...

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Divisions of Anthropology 1/9/08 Archaeology Pre-recorded history 200,000 years ago - age of writing Recent emphasis on present Archaeologists look at people’s garbage o Garbage=cultural artifact Physical Anthropology Primatology o Primate groups (gorillas, chimps, etc) looked at in a social context o Similarities/Differences to humans Paleoanthropology o Larger evolutionary picture o Millions of years (instead of thousands) Contemporary Human Population Variation o Race, IQ : Some anthropologists still think they are linked o Anthropology of Difference : Population adaptation (to temperature, etc) Hunter’s response: takes longer to lose function in cold : Some adaptations are useful, some aren’t (Mongolian spot, etc) o Forensic Anthro- trendy Linguistic Anthropology Rates at which languages change/diverge Cultural Anthropology (this class) o Ik- disturbing social structure because of Brit colonialism
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Unformatted text preview: o Turnbull suggested disbanding them so they would survive (shocking) • Cultural Universals o “Culture” = variation o What do we all share? What institutions/behaviors are universal? o Maslo’s Categories: Shelter, then food, then mental stability, then love : Sociability: socio-biological; fundamental need (or you go crazy) : Security: necessity for any stable society : Status: (Hsu); being validated; self-esteem • “The urge to consume tyrannizes” graffiti Characteristics of Band-Level Society • Small scale: 7, 800 people o Small population, low population density (few people per sq mile) • Technologically simple (but adequate) • Nomadic- but not random; seasonal, scheduled moves o “Economic Seasonality” • Gender: socially constructed (SEX is biological); gender distinctions, ideals o No gender hierarchy- neither controls the other...
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1/9/08 - o Turnbull suggested disbanding them so they would...

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