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PROCESS_PAPER - correctly See Chapters 35-36 in the...

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PROCESS PAPER Process papers generally do one of two things. First, they give instructions on how to do something. Topics 1-5 below fit this model. Second, they explain how something occurs, such as a natural process. Topics 6-9 below fit this model. 1. How to perform a weight training program. 2. How to deal with the bite of a poisonous snake. 3. How to carry out a process related to your job. 4. How to plan a successful party. 5. How to plan a romantic evening. 6. The life cycle of a particular type of storm, such as a hurricane or tornado. 7. The life cycle of a star. 8. A natural process, such as erosion, that you observe or research. 9. The stages in a technical process, such as paper production. Bookkeeping While you are not required to do research for this paper, you should be accurate in your information. If you do choose to do research, make sure to document that research
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Unformatted text preview: correctly. See Chapters 35-36 in the Handbook for Writers for more information on how to do this or talk to me. If you do research, stick to one or two sources and use as few direct quotations as possible. The paper needs to be 2-3 pages long and should follow all of the guidelines on the syllabus. GRADING Content Content grade is broken down into four categories with points assigned to each category. Clear thesis 5 points Completeness 15 points Organization and Unity 15 points Coherence and Clarity 15 points Grammar Grammar deductions will be taken as follows: Each fragment or run-on-1 point All other mistakes, including spelling -1 point for every 5 mistakes (e.g. 1-5 mistakes =-1, 6-10 mistakes = -2, etc.)...
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