LECTURE 3 ON 1 - LECTURE 3 ON Fucking APA shit OWL Purdue...

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LECTURE 3 ON 1/17/11 Fucking APA shit OWL Purdue DUE JANUARY 31 st at the start of lecture Late work WILL NOT be accepted Take a scantron Contact Julia with questions [email protected] Is two week take home test COMMUNICATION Pre-info society Cave drawings o Stone and clay Papyrus o Scrolls first books later Then books o Hand-written o Only people who have at first is religious figures and royalty DAWN of informational age 1 st printing press Wooden China 1051 ad 1 st movable type o clay o metal – Koreans 1234 1450 Gutenberg press o books Turning point: growth in literacy literacy for the elite o books were rare o bible o pre 1100: mostly latin 1200’s -1400’s printed in local languages o Increased literacy o still mostly bibles 1300’s-1500’s trading routes open o universities starting to be established o classics printed in book form Gutenburg Revolution 1450 Gutenberg Press 1455 Gutenberg Bible
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1602 First modern library, Oxford 1846 rotary press 1940’s offset printing (print print and pictures at same time) America Reads! Mostly bibles or religious tracts Almanacs o Poor Richard’s Magazines Pamphlets o Thomas Paine (common sense) o Revolution! Copyright (1790) RISE OF NEWSPAPERS th centuries Publishers were granted licenses to publish Early American papers shut down for controversial postings Early newspapers Early European papers – 1600’s o Elitist o Censored by authorities Early American newspapers o Authority – licensed o No authority – not licensed John Peter Zinger o Jailed for libel – 1733 o Truth against Libel First Amendment
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LECTURE 3 ON 1 - LECTURE 3 ON Fucking APA shit OWL Purdue...

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