LECTURE 5 ON 13112 - • Categorical Imperative o Act on...

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Media Ethics Morality: Knowing Right vs Wrong Ethics: Moral rules of conduct that guide actions Media ethics: moral rules for media professionals Are media ethics codified in law? (like in meds) Not always: media ethics are guided by o Community standards o Professional practices o Personal values Ethical Principles Golden Rule “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” Aristotle’s golden mean Moral virtue is an appropriate location between, extremes ----x----extremes Keys o Moderation o Balance Personal media-related examples Vail of ignorance (Rawls, 1999) o The journalist should ignore the differences of race and class and treat all members of society equally. o Personal media-related examples o Black vs White picture of men leaving store (looting vs Shopping)
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Unformatted text preview: • Categorical Imperative o Act on the maxim which you wish to become a universal law(murder, lie) No exceptions o How is this different from golden rule? o Personal examples? Talking without the facts (Handicapped Police story) Ethics Principles • Utility (John Stuart Mill) • Seek the greatest happiness for the greatest number • How might this conflict with a categorical imperative? • Personal examples? • Pragmatic Ethics o The ends justify the means o Who uses this principle most? (lawyers, military destruction of nazi Germany) o Personal examples (newscrop hacking voicemails) (fake cancer) • Situational ethics – “it depends” o Moral principles are relative to the situation o Opposite of imperative o Personal examples? (cederfest shit)...
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LECTURE 5 ON 13112 - • Categorical Imperative o Act on...

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