lecture 7and8 - Television two parts Production...

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Television two parts Production Distribution Historical Development Mechanical vs electronic TV’s First were series of quickly moving disks Blurry Motor could never move fast enough 1948 Freeze Halt licensing to establish standards in cities Big three established: CBS, NBC, ABC Over the air distribution (broadcast) 1700 broadcast in the US 1300 commercial educational and non prof religious Moved to digital broadcast June 12, 2009 shutoff date for over the air analog broadcast Analog vs Digital Analog TV 480 horizontal lines 330 vertical lines Digital TV increased resolution 720 or 1080 3D TV weird shit Rise of Cable (Distributors) small town success Multiple system operator: a cable TV firm that owns two or more TV distrib systems Satellite: alt. to cable 1982 FCC authorized direct broadcast satellites 94 Directv launches services to homes two major providers directv and dishnetwork
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Internet ABC NBC All major networks put the full episode online Hulu Content provided by networks Ad supported Episodes sold on itunes, amazon Broadcast networks Major networks ABC NBC FOX CBS CW Univision Public broadcast networks PBS Created by corporation for public broadcasting Supported by viewers like you! C-SPAN good hood shit Broadcast networks and stations O&O owned and operated Most stations in big cities like NYC LA are O&O. Network affiliates
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lecture 7and8 - Television two parts Production...

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