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LECTURE 9 on 21612 INTRO TO RESEARCH METHODS TO STUDY MEDIA EFFECTS (Asian) Readings: Sparks Chap 2, media now: chap 14 (403-413) Describe what is present in media o Content Did we have more sex in tv in 2005 or 1998. o What do you think? Are minority charectors less likely to be heroes or whatnot? o Naah says mou & peng What media content are you going to analyze o Movie? Tv? Etc. . Random Sample o Every member of population has equal change to be chosen Systematic: gov by specific rules for coding media content Objective: others should be able to reanalyze data and come to same conclusions
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Unformatted text preview: o Coding reliability • Quantitative (counting, numbers, stats) Survey Example one: • Perception of social issues and viewership of controversial talk shows Types • Paper pencil questionnaire, phone survey, online survey • Close end questions and open ended questions • Sample survey vs poll vs census • Random sample of population is best o Representative in order for findings to be generalizable o How to get random sample...
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