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LECTURE 9 on 21612 INTRO TO RESEARCH METHODS TO STUDY MEDIA EFFECTS (Asian) Readings: Sparks Chap 2, media now: chap 14 (403-413) Describe what is present in media o Content Did we have more sex in tv in 2005 or 1998. o What do you think? Are minority charectors less likely to be heroes or whatnot? o Naah says mou & peng What media content are you going to analyze o Movie? Tv? Etc. . Random Sample o Every member of population has equal change to be chosen Systematic: gov by specific rules for coding media content Objective: others should be able to reanalyze data and come to same conclusions
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Unformatted text preview: o Coding reliability Quantitative (counting, numbers, stats) Survey Example one: Perception of social issues and viewership of controversial talk shows Types Paper pencil questionnaire, phone survey, online survey Close end questions and open ended questions Sample survey vs poll vs census Random sample of population is best o Representative in order for findings to be generalizable o How to get random sample...
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