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LECTURE 11 ON 22312 VIOLENCE IN MEDIA How much violence is there on tv? National Television violence study 60% of TV programs contain violence 4.5 violent acts per program What does this tell us? What theroies predit effect of violence content in TV? BOBO DOLL SHIT Yeah you know what it is bitch Cultivation theory Long term, heavy exposure to media messages Construct the real world based on media portrayal; perception of reality cultivated by TV o Crime on tv is 10-15 times more prevalent on TV then it is in real life Also called the “mean world” or “scary world” syndrome.
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Unformatted text preview: Longitudinal studies (panel) on children and media violence • Ages 10 and under • Ages 19 and 30 If a child watches a lot of TV violence, Will a life of crime result for sure? Class experiment Priming • Facilitating effect of violent media o Violence can prime/activate thoughts that are related to hostility o Media violence might facilitate aggressive behavior in the SHORT TERM Seymour feshbach: Catharsis hypothesis • Greek for purification • Feshbach & singer, 1971 • Problems with this study and its conclusion?...
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