LECTURE 11 - Lecture 11 on November 7 11 Using Print Media...

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Lecture 11 on November 7, 11 Using Print Media Print media are trustworthy, deliver messages one topic at time, and one thought at a time. Audience absorbs is more carefully than broadcast Target audiences selectively Pros of Newspaper Advertising Mass medium Local medium Comprehensive in Scope (stories about all types of things. .. sports, living, outdoors) Can have geographic medium (can only send ads to a certain area) TIMELINESS (Can go down today, write a classified, have it in tomorrow) Tend to have credibility Selective attention (people choose to look at certain things… sports) Creative flexibility Active medium Permanent record (cut it out… save the paper… unlike radio) Reasonable cost (compared to TV, Radio, Magazines) Cons of Newspaper Advertising Lack of selectivity (i.e. younger readers) Short life spans (end of day they’re in the recyclables) Low production quality CLUTTER (just like every single type of media) Lack of control over placement Overlapping circulation (Lot of used furniture… lots of people interested… Which newspaper do I choose to put it in? Lansing times = Older. State News = young college crowd. Overlaps because some people get both.)
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LECTURE 11 - Lecture 11 on November 7 11 Using Print Media...

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