LECTURE 12 - LECTURE 12 on November 9, 11 The Structure of...

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LECTURE 12 on November 9, 11 The Structure of the TV Industry Used to be able to throw Ad on 3 major networks. . (ABC, NBC, CBS) Not that way anymore with things like Tivo, Hulu… etc. There are several types of systems o Networks o A network exists when two or more stations broadcast the same program for a single source. o Affliates are privately owned stations that sign a contract to carry network… Cable Facts Reaches about 85% of tv households Most consumers receive more than 100 channels, but watch only 15-19 Cable households watch more hours of tv than non-cable household Most channels are privately owned Average person is expected to watch 4-4.5 hours a day OLDER WOMEN WATCH MORE TV THAN ANYONE… 50 hours a week Broadcast TV Facts Heaviest viewers are middle income and high school educated Advantages of Television Persuasiveness (lights, sounds, pictures, animation… easier to convince people to get up and get food) Cost-efficiency (It is pricey to place in ad however (435,000 per ad in American Idol time slot) it reaches so many people it only cost about $46 per every thousand people you reach.) Impact (Buy a slot on the Olympics. . reach 4 million people) Disadvantages Production Costs CLUTTER Wasted reach (can spend $$ to put ad in American Idol yet there are so many types of people watching you will not reach your target audience only) Inflexibility (Can’t show up today and run ad tomorrow…) Intrusiveness (Ad’s don’t bother you in mags. . turn the page.
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LECTURE 12 - LECTURE 12 on November 9, 11 The Structure of...

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