LECTURE 15 ON 11 - LECTURE 15 ON 11/28/11 Direct Marketing...

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LECTURE 15 ON 11/28/11 Direct Marketing Any direct communication to a consumer or business recipient that is designed to generate a response. o Direct Order o Lead Generation o Traffic Generation Direct Selling o Sales either at home or at work, bypassing a retail outlet Direct Response Advertising o Advertising that asks the consumer to provide feedback straight to the company Data bases Maintain Customer Contact Builds Relationships o o Recency, frequency, monetary BENEFITS o Offers accountability (tracking) o Cost effective targeting o Offers convenience to time sensitive consumers HOUSE LIST List of marketers own customers or members, its most important target market. Probably its most valuable list. RESPONSE Derived from people who respond to something such as direct mail offer. Similar to the target audience. Usually available for rent. COMPILED LIST Rented from a direct-mail list broker. Direct Response Advertising L.L. Bean Catolog PROS OF DIRECT RESPONSE ADVERTISING Selectivity (send dog catalogs to dog owners) Intensive Coverage Extensive Reach Flexibility Control Personal Impact
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Exclusivity Response Testability CONS OF DIRECT RESPONSE ADVERTISING High cost per exposure (you pay for ad catalog and postage) Delivery Problems (USPS) Lack of content support (stand alone. . no tv ads to help) Selectivity Problems Negative attitudes (JUNK MAIL) Environmental concerns Anti-spam laws Direct Selling & Personal Selling Main goal is to be a problem solver for client ADVANTAGES o Face-to-face contact allows for INSTANT feedback o Allows for info gathering o Salesman can represent the company & build relationships DISADVANTAGES o EXPENSIVE $$$$$$$$ o Salesman have bad reputations (WHAT CAN I DO TO PUT YOU IN THIS CAR TODAY?!) The role of personal selling Information Gathering is TOP. (Price TOO high? Bad color selection?. .. INSTANT FEEDBACK)
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LECTURE 15 ON 11 - LECTURE 15 ON 11/28/11 Direct Marketing...

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