LECTURE 16 ON 11 - LECTURE 16 ON 11/30/11 Sponsorships Role...

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LECTURE 16 ON 11/30/11 Sponsorship’s Role Another promotional tool for marketers Sponsorship should have a synergistic effect on a marketers promotional efforts Sponsorship fits within the promotional mix Integrated marketing communications (IMC) Evolution of Sponsorships Motives Early sponsorships were “EGO-DRIVEN” o CEO liked golf. . company sponsored golf events o Meet golfers o Get hospitality Focus then shifted to philanthropic motives o Sponsorships to charities o Making company look good o Muscular dystrophy, etc. . Most Sponsorships today focus on Return on Investment o Give and Take. o Want to get shit back for the $$ I get Overview Nascar event example. . coca-cola, nascar, lowes, sprint. . Advertising Advantages If I sponsor Olympics, then I will KNOW how many people are going to see my company… GIVE & Take Evaluation of Effectiveness o Measures CPM can be applied o Measure the impact on sales o Concept testing prior to using adv Sponsorships Defined If I sponsor Olympics, I can use the logo of the Olympics, tell people I am a sponsor. . etc. . Samsung $100 million to IOC for 4 year cycle for the 2012 olympics Sprint 70 mil/ year for NASCAR Smaller venues can be like State Fair sponsored by Budwieser. . etc. . Sponsorships Advantages Credibility – Gatorade sponsored Gatorade… (sports drink… national sports) Image – Volvo yacht race. . upscale. . I mean shit it’s a yacht Prestige – Anyone who sponsors Olympics Internal Morale – Breast Cancer Sales opportunity Pepsi at Pepsi Ctr.
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Access to live audience… give them samples, surveys, gain info. . etc
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LECTURE 16 ON 11 - LECTURE 16 ON 11/30/11 Sponsorships Role...

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