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e1_f11 - a simulation model of the network to investigate...

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ISE 435 Discrete Systems Simulation Exam #1 Fall Semester 2011 9/29/11 (30) 1. A computer network is constructed as follows. One network service provider (NSP) has several distribution routers. Each of the NSP’s users sends messages to, and receives messages from, one of the distribution routers. The distribution routers are connected to the NSP’s backbone router. The backbone router is connected via a trunk line to the backbone router of a second NSP. The second NSP also has several distribution routers of its own. The second NSP’s users send/receive messages to/from one of its distribution routers. Any router that cannot forward a message to a user, or other router, immediately after receiving it will attempt to place the message into a buffer. If the buffer is full, the message will be discarded. An engineer wants to create
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Unformatted text preview: a simulation model of the network, to investigate complaints of communication problems between users of the two NSPs. What are the entities in this system? What are the resources in this system? What additional information would the engineer need to build the model? (30) 2. Assume that you have collected a data set with 36 values that has ˆ 4.6 μ = and ˆ 0.2 σ = . Determine the cell boundaries that should be used to perform a chi-squared goodness-of-fit test for the lognormal distribution model. (25) 3. Generate two U(0,1) random numbers using the congruential method with a = 29, c = 5, and m = 343. You may select any seed between 1 and m. (30) 4. Derive the formula to be used to generate Weibull distributed random numbers via the inverse cdf method. If α = 2 and β = 26, what Weibull value is generated from r 1 = 0.73 ?...
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