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ISE 435 Discrete Systems Simulation Homework #4 Spring Semester 2012 Due: Wednesday, February 22 Complete the following exercise from Khoshnevis & Palmer: Chapter 3 3. Use Arena. Use a Create module to simulate the customer inter-arrivals and a Process module to simulate the bank teller service. For both the Create and Process modules, select the Delay Type to be Expression. In the Expression Builder, select
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Unformatted text preview: Discrete Probability from the Random Distributions. Enter a cumulative density function for the inter-arrival time or service time distribution, as needed. For more info, see the write-up on the Discrete distribution in Appendix A: Statistical Distributions, of the Arena User’s Guide. As in HW1, simulate 500 customers and find the average wait and percent server idle time. Chapter 5 2....
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