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Ryan Pool Ms. Darville Period 5- Euro Current Event The oil spill in the gulf is continuing to grow as BP has yet to cap their leaking well. The BP chairman has told reporters that a well cap will be ready and deployed in 6 to 8 days; however, this is going to be way too late. The well has been leaking close to 200,000 gallons of oil a day and continues to spew more and more oil each day as the piping continues to give way. Many people say that this could be the worst ecological disaster in the U.S., possibly ever. The oil slick created so far is approximately the size of Puerto Rico and is rapidly expanding in size as it travels towards the Louisiana/Mississippi shoreline. The effects on the economies of Gulf states is only a
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Unformatted text preview: speculation right now, but is expected to be disastrous. All of the fishing, shrimping, and seafood related areas of the economy will be crushed, creating a ripple effect that will be felt in our already struggling national economy. I feel that not enough is being done to prepare people for the changes that are going to be caused by this oil spill. The seafood market will probably never recover from this huge blow, leaving many people living on the gulf coast without a means of supporting themselves. Americans are failing to see the national crisis this truly is becoming.
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