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current event 10 - than what I was used to.” Hannity...

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Ryan Pool November 17, 2010 Hannity, Fox News, 6pm Current Event 10 In this episode, Sean discussed the recent changes in airport security made by the TSA. Recently the TSA has begun to implement machines that use a low dose x-ray to take a full body scan of each passenger passing through security in airport terminals. The scans can be considered an invasion to privacy since the government is allowing an agency to basically look at images of every person who passes through the airport. The more serious issue though is the “pat-downs” being conducted by the TSA agents. The pat downs are used in instances where “further investigation” is needed to be conducted following a body scan. These “pat downs” involve heavy groping of the groin and/or breast areas, depending on the passenger’s sex, and have been acknowledged by even the TSA as invasive, but have been deemed necessary for the safety of our country. After receiving one of these pat downs, TSA chief, John Pistole, said that it was “more invasive
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Unformatted text preview: than what I was used to.” Hannity commented on all this and asked viewers if it was justifiable to be so blatantly invading all privacy of citizens in the name of such a small problem (although a very large issue). The answer to the question is profiling. When is the last time an 85-year-old nun brought a bomb on to a plane? Never. When is the last time a 27 year old Saudi Arabian man attempted to blow up a plane? Way too often. By using such minute inoffensive details such as age, country of birth, and possibly religion, TSA would be able to more efficiently search and grope fewer people. In this day and age everyone is caught up in being politically correct. At the rate we are going everyone is going to become so politically correct that expressing an opinion could offend someone and be politically incorrect no matter how simple of an opinion it is that is being made. Profiling is probably the only way to create the security in airports that will be most successful and efficient....
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current event 10 - than what I was used to.” Hannity...

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