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4/2/08 Rasta concept of capitalism: “Babylon” Jamaica - Divided nation, divided along race/class issues - Different view of race/class: o (Our view) almost biological: one drop of “black blood” makes you black MG Smith- Association of color: Can change your racial identity Class lines intersect with race: higher class=different race If you marry of higher status, you become “whiter” Getting an education= “lighter” - Anglophilia: Brit obsession- language, accent, fashion, customs, etc - Syncretic mergers: fusion between Christianity/traditional African religions o o Earliest forms of Rastafarians came from this fusion - 50s Gangsters of Jamaica: “Rude Boys,” led to Reggae o “Flinging it back rude” lyrics: about getting back Biblical interpretation Basic assumption: Bible is a set of lies, they are trying to find the truth
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Unformatted text preview: behind the lies Radical movement: “Rude” = counter, opposite Ras Tafari: crowned and named Emperor Haile Selassie-Titles: King of Kings, Conquering Lion of Judah, etc o Descendent of Solomon & Queen of Sheba o Hailed as the new messiah Traditions-Solomon & Sheba: more important than Christ-“Dreadlocks”: separates rebellion from society-Red, Gold, Green: significant colors because they are African -Vegetarianism: theologically based-Ganga: religious right-Separation from patois: “Me have me book” “I have I book” o Relationships built on use of terms-Created a culture based on Haile Selassie as the new messiah Film: Burn! (Marlon Brando)-Fictional Island: Queimada (“…means ‘burnt’”)-Portuguese controlled, Brits vying for economic control by instigating rebellion -...
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