FINAL EXAM REVIEW - order to make an etching. Paragraph...

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FINAL EXAM REVIEW Paragraph “A” Topic: immigration Pattern: chronological Details: 1790 – white European Protestants, black slaves, Native Americans 1840 – 1850 – Catholic (Irish, Germans) 1870 – Chinese Present – Asia, Latin America Main idea: For over 200 years, immigration has provided the U.S. with a diverse population. Since 1790, immigration has included…… Immigration to the U.S. has grown since the 1790’s, making our country enormously diverse. Paragraph “B” Topic: making an etching Pattern: chronological Details: First – prepare metal plate with a ground Second – draw through the ground Third – immerse the plate in acid RESULT - the acid makes a groove Main idea: Making an etching is a process requiring three simple steps. There are three simple steps involving a metal plate and acid in
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Unformatted text preview: order to make an etching. Paragraph “D” Topic: American behaviors vs. other nations Pattern: compare / contrast Details: U. S. other nations Dinner at 6:00 – 7:00 Spain = 10:00 pm Shops always open Italy = close /3 hrs./ middle of day Informal first names Germany = more formal Individual work Japan = group work Main idea: There are various behavior and cultural differences between Americans and other countries. Paragraph “F” Topic: functions of social networks Pattern: Listing Details: Influence decisions and preferences Source of information and advice Provide companionship Main idea: Social networks work and function in a variety of ways. Social networks serve many purposes in our lives....
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FINAL EXAM REVIEW - order to make an etching. Paragraph...

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