Identifying the Main Idea - hockey, Acadia, budget

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Identifying the Main Idea Highlight and annotate the key points. Think about how the details form the main idea. Write one complete sentence expressing the main idea of the paragraph. 1. A hockey player rushing up ice travels at more than twenty-five miles an hour; a slap shot hurls a frozen rubber disc toward a goalie at one hundred miles per hour. Everything that happens in hockey – passing, stick handling, checking, shooting – happens fast. 2. Acadia National Park in Maine offers visitors a variety of wonderful scenery. Established as a national park in 1919, it includes a rugged coastal region of great natural beauty with the highest land on the eastern seaboard. It consists of Mount Desert Island, parts of Isle au Haut, and a
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Unformatted text preview: number of other islets, as well as the tip of the Schoodie Peninsula. The coast is characterized by wave-eroded cliffs. The inland portion of the park is forested with spruce and fir, and contains lakes and mountains carved by glacial action. 3. What is a budget? Put very simply, a budget is any plan – simple or complex – that expresses your financial goals and how you will allocate your limited resources to achieve them. A budget can be so simple that you keep it on the back of an envelope and monitor your monthly progress with checkmarks. Or it can be as complex as the one the federal government prepares each year, detailing how almost $2 trillion dollars will be spent....
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