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outline - The Home Schooling Movement

outline - The Home Schooling Movement - K parents...

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The Home Schooling Movement I. Home Schooling A. Definition 1. Children are not sent to school and receive their formal education from one or both parents. B. Court decisions / state requirements 1. meet standards 2. legal forms and affidavits II. Supporters A. less expensive B. more efficient C. alleviate school overcrowding D. added curriculum not available in schools E. strengthened family relationships F. lower dropout rates G. students learn at own rate H. increased motivation I. higher test scores J. reduced discipline problems
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Unformatted text preview: K. parents reinforce moral values III. Critics A. few parents can provide educational advantages B. Some parents have an inadequate educational background and training C. fewer technical resources 1. some are equal to what the schools can offer IV. Sociological concerns A. restricted social interaction B. no pupil-teacher relationship C. may develop a distorted view of society 1. no experience of diversity 2. may not be able to function in a large multi-cultural world...
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