outline for disease of deciduous forests

outline for disease of deciduous forests - C. As they’ve...

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I. Forests have been CHANGED A. Dutch Elm disease B. Chestnut Blight C. Both have eliminated large elms and Chestnut trees II. CAUSE A. Fungi A.1. Infect and kill mature trees III. SURVIVAL / EFFECTS A. Few survive infestation B. Disease tolerant strains yet to be identified B.1. Rapid decline in population of trees B.2. They were once the major components of the forest
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Unformatted text preview: C. As they’ve died, the replacement has led to shifts (changes) in the forest composition A fungi, which infects and kills trees, causes Dutch Elm and Chestnut Blight. These diseases have eliminated Elms and Chestnut trees in North America. Few have survived which changes the make-up of the forests....
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