Urban Ethnic Neighborhoods and Ghettos

Urban Ethnic Neighborhoods and Ghettos - B. Use 1. Areas of...

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Urban Ethnic Neighborhoods and Ghettos I. Ethnic Neighborhood A. Volunteer Community 1. People of like origin 2. Reside by choice 3. Maintain group cohesiveness B. Benefits 1. common use of language 2. nearby kin 3. stores and services – fit group 4. presence of factories 5. institutions important to group a. church b. lodges II. Ghettos A. “Forced” community 1. Forced to live there
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Unformatted text preview: B. Use 1. Areas of residential segregation 2. Very little choice a. Options are limited or nonexistent C. Involuntary community Main idea: Ethnic neighborhoods give people choices where to live, but ghettos are forced cultural regions. Or Ethnic neighborhoods and ghettos are the two types of cultural regions, but differ by choice....
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