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Name _______________________________________________________ Exercises on how to write a complete sentence I. Comma Splice Errors Comma splice – when a comma is followed by a whole new sentence / 2 sentences are spliced (joined) by a comma. Example: I always wear sunglasses when it rains, they protect my eyes from the umbrellas. Correct this sentence - ______________________________________________________________________________________ Shawna is an unusually creative musician, she has had no formal training in music. Correct this sentence - ______________________________________________________________________________________ II. Run-on Sentence Errors A run-on sentence occurs when no punctuation at all separates two independent clauses. Example: We were surprised by the package we happily tore it open.
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Unformatted text preview: Correct this sentence - ______________________________________________________________________________________ There is a new perfume that is guaranteed to drive businessmen crazy it smells like money Correct this sentence – ______________________________________________________________________________________ III. Fragments Sentence fragments are phrases or clauses that look like complete sentences, but they lack subjects or verbs. Example: Fits perfectly! Correct this sentence - ___________________________________________________________________ That I found on the subway Correct this sentence - ___________________________________________________________________ The gold ring Correct this sentence - ___________________________________________________________________...
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