Answer key to chapter 3 & 4 paragraphs

Answer key to chapter 3 & 4 paragraphs - Paragraph...

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CHAPTER 3 Topic: drugs / alcohol vs. TV (5 pts) Mode: expository (5 pts) Method(s): (10 pts) Analogy or Comparison of both drugs/alcohol and TV Blot out the real world Enter into a pleasurable mental state Defers worries and anxieties Overestimate the control over TV Cause and effect Watch TV – passive mental state Main idea: Because both blot out the real world, excessive TV viewing is similar to depending on drugs or alcohol (15 pts) CHAPTER 4 Paragraph B Topic: Ants and humans (5 pts) Mode: Expository (5 pts) Method (s): (5 pts) Comparison of ants and humans Farm fungi Raise livestock Launch armies Use chemical sprays Capture slaves Child labor Exchange information Main idea: In many ways, ant behavior is strikingly similar to human behavior. (15 pts)
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Unformatted text preview: Paragraph C Topic: Mentoring and the size of schools (5 pts) Mode: Expository (5 pts) Can this paragraph be persuasive ? If so, how did you support this mode? Method (s): (10 pts) Cause and Effect Big school = loss of mentoring Talented students do not see their potential because of lack of mentoring Example / Illustration Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan Main idea: (15 pts) Mentors are hard to find in large schools which makes it difficult for kids to reach their full potential. OR One serious drawback of large schools is that students are denied the opportunity of finding a mentor who recognizes their talents and helps them reach their potential....
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Answer key to chapter 3 & 4 paragraphs - Paragraph...

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