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Kwaio Women worksheet - Consequently Kwaio women climb...

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Name_________________________________________________ RDG 091- __________ The existence of Kwaio women, never secure, was also one of continual drudgery. Even today, although a woman no longer has to fear for her life, she has little to smile about. She may walk only on certain trails and in specified areas of the village. She may not enter the men’s house or even mingle with the men except under certain prescribed conditions. She must continually tend the gardens, which supply almost all the Kwaio’s food, and daily she must carry on her back the heavy bamboo water containers, the yams, and all the firewood, often over miles of steep and narrow mountain trails. Because there is so little flat or terraced ground on which to plant a garden, and because the ravines down which the streams tumble are devastated by flash floods in the wet season, the village may be located an hour’s strenuous hike away from the nearest stream or vegetable garden.
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Unformatted text preview: Consequently, Kwaio women climb three or four hours a day and their arms and legs are like bands of steel. Owing to their low status – just above the village pigs – and to generations of subservience, the women for the most part, are like shy overgrown children. Most have babies clinging to them. Besides rearing the children and all their other jobs, the women are also responsible for caring for the Kwaio’s most prized possessions, their pigs. The pigs are either sold or sacrificed and eaten in male-only ceremonies, and so the women generally don’t get to eat their charges. In spite of the sexual inequalities to which the women are subjected, they seem to harbor no rancor or resentment. Michael Krieger, Conversations with the Cannibals Topic: Mode: Methods (support each with details from the article): Main idea:...
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