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If you're a college football trivia buff, you know that the annual Rose Bowl competition started over 100 years ago, in 1902, when the University of Michigan trounced Stanford, 49 - 0. What is perhaps unknown to most people is the story behind that amazing win for Michigan. In the year 1900, the University of Michigan had a football team that wasn't winning many games. Consequently, they fired their coach and searched for a new one. At about the same time, Stanford had to dismiss their coach because of a new rule that allowed only alumni to serve as coaches. Long story short, Michigan hired Stanford's former coach, a "quiet man of few words," named Fielding Yost. As soon as the new coach arrived on campus, he granted an interview to the local newspaper. During the interview, he boldly claimed that his team would be undefeated the next season and the combined scores of the opposing teams for the entire season would be 49 points or fewer. When they heard about his interview, the Michigan team
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Unformatted text preview: protested loudly. They complained to the coach that he was setting them up to be the laughing stock of football. Yost immediately ordered every member of the team to take off his uniform and gear and stack it in the corner of the locker room. Then he marched to the blackboard and wrote one word. He instructed the team that they could retrieve their uniforms and play football only when they understood the meaning of that word. That year Michigan was undefeated at 11 - 0 and outscored their opponents 550 - 0, averaging 55 points per game. Not only did this team allow fewer than 49 points in the first year, it took their opponents more than 5 years to score more than 49 points. And yes, they later went on not only to the first Tournament of Roses football victory, but three more national championships in the next three years. What was the word the coach wrote on the blackboard? Please explain the reasons you think he chose this word to motivate his players....
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