N'da Ali - golden glitter of forest its cliffs flushing...

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N’da Ali was the largest mountain in the vicinity. It crouched at our backs, glowering over the landscape, the village, and our little hill. From almost every vantage point, you were aware of the mountain’s mist-entangled, cloud-veiled shape brooding over everything, its heights guarded by sheer cliffs of gnarled granite so steep that no plant life could get a foothold. Every day I had looked longingly at the summit, and every day I had watched N’da Ali in its many moods. In the early morning, it was a great mist-whitened monster; at noon it was all green and
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Unformatted text preview: golden glitter of forest, its cliffs flushing pink in the sun; at night it was purple and shapeless, fading to black as the sun sank. Sometimes it would go into hiding, drawing the white clouds around itself and brooding in their depths for two or three days at a time. Every day I gazed at those great cliffs that guarded the way to the thick forest on its ridged back, and each day I grew more determined that I would go up there and see what it had to offer me. (Gerald Durrell)...
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