Notes -Figurative Lang. - in the sun. (directly comparing...

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Denotation – The literal or explicit meaning of a word; often called the dictionary definition. (Example) Home = one’s physical residence; the place where one lives Connotation – The cluster of suggestions, ideas, or emotional associations for a word / term. (Example) Home = a place of safety, privacy, comfort Figurative Language (the use of a figure of speech ) – the use of language not in its literal sense, but in a metaphorical or imaginative way 1) Metaphor – a direct and imaginative comparison. A particular quality or characteristic of one thing (the figurative) is transferred to another (the literal). Example – The farmer’s leathery, lined face revealed years of toil
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Unformatted text preview: in the sun. (directly comparing the farmers skin to leather) 2) Simile an imaginative comparison stated indirectly , usually with words such as like, as, as though, as if and seem. Example The farmers lined face looked like leather, revealing years of toil in the sun. (indirect comparison face like leather) 3) Personification inanimate or nonhuman objects are given human attributes or feelings. Example The building was hanging on grimly to the vestiges of respectability. A threadbare runner (a long, narrow rug) climbed the stairs wearily....
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Notes -Figurative Lang. - in the sun. (directly comparing...

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