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Notes- Methods - 4 COMPARISON& CONTRAST Comparison shows...

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METHODS OF PARAGRAPH DEVELOPMENT (Develop or Support the Main Idea) 1) FACTS & STATISTICS - a fact is a piece of objective information; it is verifiable. Statistics are data in the form of numbers; they are derived from research studies, polls, census figures, etc. 2) EXAMPLES & ILLUSTRATIONS - an example points out a typical or concrete instance to support and clarify the main idea. An illustration is a longer, extended example. 3) PROCESS - Steps in chronological order. Directive = the author explains the steps that one must follow to perform a task. Informative = the author describes the phenomenon (how something works, how it developed, how it came into existence).
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Unformatted text preview: 4) COMPARISON & CONTRAST - Comparison shows similarities between topics. Contrast shows differences between two topics. 5) CAUSE & EFFECT - finding reasons to explain events, problems or issues, and the consequences that result. (IF – THEN statements / Because) 6) CLASSIFICATION - dividing members of an entity into groups, types or classes and examining /explaining separate parts of the subject or idea. (To GROUP and EXPLAIN each group) 7) DEFINITION - the meaning of a term. 8) ANALOGY - Imaginative comparison between two unlike topics, an extended metaphor. Example / simple metaphor: (subject) (metaphor) the human heart : a pump...
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