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Case Study #1 DUE: 4/12/04 Directions: Read carefully the following paragraph in which a specific clinical scenario is illustrated. This scenario will form the basis for addressing the questions & tasks for this case-study. You will have at your disposal ALL resources, (e.g.: library, doctors, other professors, friends, classmates, books, web pages, & etc…) in assisting you in accomplishing this case-study. There are 2 major rules for utilizing the resources above: 1. If you utilize Master Chen as a resource you will only receive direction- not answers. 2. Utilize your classmate for information only! PLAGIARISM WILL NOT BE TOLERATED AT ALL!!!ANY HINT OF IT WILL RESULT IN A TO THE STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT. 1. The case-study must be typed, double-spaced and concise, not to exceed 2 pages. 2.
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