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3/26/08 Ghost Dance – Revitalization Movement: usually religious 150-70,000 yrs ago: pre-Homo Sapien Sapien: Neanderthals - Prehistoric people: had religion- burial grounds - You only bury everyone in a specific position if you’re sending them somewhere Durkheim: sociologist, studies religion - Defined religion as “society worshiping itself”- to create governing behavior Malinowski: anthropologist; & Radcliffe Brown - Claimed functions of religion are psychological: stress, morality, closure o (Not on test) Prescription vs. Prohibition: what you must/mustn’t do Revitalization Movements Cargo Cults: Micronesia - Sophisticated sense of wealth (based on giving) - Told to become “Christian” by the Europeans/missionaries o Added Christianity to their accumulative pagan religions o Connected Christianity/hard work with wealth
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Unformatted text preview: “Discovered missionaries were ‘lying’”- locals didn’t get wealthier-All about getting to the source of economic inequality-Ex: Lure wealth w/Mini airstrip: row of torches, lure airplanes to their village-Frequently transform into political movements/parties Handsome Lake Religion – Iroquois-“Handsome Lake”: a sachem (chief), severe alcoholic; became a prophet o Claimed to have a series of visions: that say he is the chosen one Stop drinking, preach sobriety Preach a new kind of family: no longer matrilineal, but patrilineal Syncretic: Fusion of elements to create something new Film: The Paths of Colonialism-Purpose of colonization: to provide raw materials/new markets--...
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