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EXAM 2: STUFF YOU SHOULD KNOW. (thinking through a transnational, postcolonial feminist lens) I. State, Nation, and Nationalism. What are the differences between these terms and in what ways do they overlap? How are nationality and citizenship status gendered and raced? In what ways are they used to exclude certain bodies from social and political rights? Women have always had a complicated relationship to nationalism. Why? Make sure you can articulate the 3 paradoxes we discussed in class: 1) colonizing women and Victorian motherhood; 2) colonized women and Orientalism; 3) women and anticolonial nationalism. Women are assigned an enormous amount of ideological weight when it comes to the state and the nation. Know the five most glaring ways that women are viewed/used as symbols of the nation ( Nationalism and Masculinity by Cynthia Enloe). II. Landlessness, Internal Colonization, and the Orientalist Gaze. The way we come to know ourselves as members of a particular nation-state is through various official documents (birth certificates, driver’s licenses, passports, etc.). Without these documents, the state is unable to recognize you as a legal citizen and, therefore, you may not be protected under the law. What happens if you have no homeland, are displaced, or forcibly relocated? Why is this important to women’s studies?
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Exam2_review - Women, Culture, & Society EXAM 2: STUFF...

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